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Transpedicular Systems

CHARSPINE2 VD direct vertebral body derotation

The CHARSPINE2 VD set of vertebral body derotation instrumentation, designed by the team of ChM specialists, has been developed to meet the challenges sur-geons face in the treatment of complex deformations and to broaden the application of known and clinically proven CHARSPINE2 bar stabilization system. The new system provides solutions to surgeons when treating spinal deformities (scoliosis).

CHARSPINE2 VD utilizes the direct vertebral derotation technique that allows for three-dimensional correction of spinal disorders. The system consists of sleeves and clamps that can be combined into blocks in any way ensuring the most effec-tive correction of deformity. The CHARSPINE2 VD instrument set has been especially designed for and is fully compatible with CHARSPINE2 bar stabilization system.

Interbody Devices

Instrument Set for Posterior Lumbar Spine Preparation

A set of specialized instruments that signicantly facilitate the procedure of lumbar spine preparation from the posterior approach

Interbody Devices

Mesh VBR Implant System

Transpedicular Systems

CHARSPINE2 MIS minimally invasive surgery

CHARSPINE2 MIS Thoracolumbar spine stabilization system is a set of implants designed for the treatment of the thoracic-lumbar spine using a minimally invasive technique. The system is used with the posterior approach (from Th1 to S1) in skeletally mature patients.

Interbody Devices

Expandable VBR implants system

The CHARSPINE VBR implant developed by the ChM, depending on the level of the treated spine segment and the surgeon’s preferences, can be introduced using anterior, anterolateral, lateral or posterior-lateral approaches. The design of the device allows for a smooth in vivo change of its height, making the implantation simple and ensuring perfect match of the implant with the patient’s anatomy.

The CHARSPINE VBR system includes a set of implants, instruments and stands. All these elements allow for friendly, simple and intuitive us, facilitating: preparation for the procedure, implantation surgery, washing and disinfection. The implants are made of the highest quality biocompatible materials – PEEK OPTIMA INVIBIO – a plastic with high biocompatibility and stiff ness similar to human bones, and metals – tantalum and titanium alloy

Transpedicular Systems

CHARSPINE2 spine stabilization with screws

is the universal set of implants for treatment of thoracolumbar and lumbar spine in skeletally mature patients with posterior approach (screw fixation from T1(T3) to S2 and hook fixation from T1(T3) to L5) and anterolateral approach (screw fixation from T4(T6) to L4(L3)).

Implants allow for treatment intended for spinal physiological curvature reconstruction by means of appropriate vertebrae reposition.